Friday, October 31, 2014

Under Protest...

The kids have been asking to carve pumpkins for weeks.

Mom brought us some from Minnesota.  

Davis WAS all smiles...until I overestimated his skill with a knife.  
He's got the bloody paper towels and bandaid to prove it, quite the seasonable motif.

 Jamison finally got into it and TOUCHED pumpkin innards.
He didn't seem to mind until I mentioned "pumpkin guts" and his expression got a little queasy and he mumbled, "Don't say that!"

I think his favorite part involved candles, matches, and fire.  
(which is actually the scariest part of the day)

Emily just loved being a part of it all.


Their favorite part was the candy hunt.  

We had a black cat, farmer (that permanent marker "dirt" had better wash off before communion on Sunday or someone is in BIG trouble), a hunter, a spy, and a...ballerina (I think).

Dad and mom hide the loot, and kids in costumes get to search with flashlights in the dark to build their stash.

Emily has sole ownership of anything found on the floor, regardless who finds it.
She may have had a little help with where to look.

After eating too much candy, we gathered around the computer and watched MozART Group videos on youtube and laughed ourselves sick. 


  1. Cute pumpkins! I go for the seeds - period. So what is this that you watched to laugh yourselves sick? I need to know this. We are always in need of a good laugh around here!

    1. Look for MozART Group on youtube. You may have to watch for a bit, but these guys are funny. :)