Sunday, September 27, 2015


Life is busy for everyone, right?

It seems like this month must have been at least 3x as long as normal.

One thing was puppies.  Nine of them.
We said a reluctant (well, NOT me!) so long to all of them!

My birth certificate and marriage certificate expired while we were waiting for the last of our documents to trickle in.  Yes, I am still alive and married, but the document is no good in the eyes of the Chinese embassy if it's older than six months.  So I ordered them again!  A re-order should automatically come with a straight jacket.  I'm definitely a candidate for needing one.

At long last, ALL the documents were collected, notarized, certified (gotta love the state of Maryland), Great Sealed, taken to the State Department, and should now be at the Chinese Embassy waiting for the final step!   Woohoo!

Hopefully our dossier will be China bound in the next couple of weeks.  

We hope to be China bound ourselves maybe January - April.  

(A farming game our kids made up that is played with coins.  Lots of coins.)

Our homeschool group started up again.  I am president.
Disorganized, stressed, and crabby...I bet they won't do that again.
Beyond that you probably don't want to know.
Fortunately the rest of the committee is superlative!

The county brought us loads of dirt.

The kids and cows love it!

They will all be bummed when the dozer levels it out!

We are enjoying these warm days of sunshine.

Relieved!  That's the word!

Canning is done.
The dossier is done.
Homeschool group is organized for the year.
The puppies all found homes.


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