Sunday, January 17, 2016

While We're Waiting...

Everything feels like it's on  hold at this point.  


It's hard not to wish away the next seven weeks( WE HOPE!) so we can get on with life as a family of eight!

Wait...did I say eight?

I'll admit that while mothering five kids isn't usually that big of a deal
(except for feeding the herd three times a day.  THAT is a big deal!)
for some reason the IDEA of SIX kids is rather...terrifying.
It seems like a big jump.

And I suppose Alex will expect to eat three times a day, too.
Some days I seriously consider the idea of exchanging my kitchen table for a trough.
I'm all for labor saving devices.

We are ALL ready for life to move on.

Even Megan.
(Remember, she's 12!  'Nuff said?)

While we're waiting, we got a little snow.

My 5-year-old has taken up snow boarding.
She isn't half bad for the 8 feet she rides before she sits down.
And pretty good for a little girl who 2 1/2 years ago couldn't walk across a room without falling and hitting her head.  

It wasn't that cold, but Kaitlyn was dying to try out her face mask.

The girls built a "spa."

Some people bury each other in sand.  Davis buries our cat in snow.

Homeschool group is something my kids look forward to twice a month.

This is the art class I inherited from my sister-in-law.
Given a choice between missionary in Mexico and overseeing an art class...
Next time I'M going to Mexico.

The oldest kids started working on the drama of Esther.

More drama.

All these kids own shoes.
I'm not sure WHY they don't wear them.
In January,  For gym.  

Snowman project.

I finished matching comforters for the boys' beds.  
Usually the only bed that's made is Alex's.

This must have been a rare day because there is no farm equipment or trains or legos to be seen.

Megan bought herself a tablet.
It is her new best friend.

She's also been helping clean the disaster area I call my kitchen.
The only thing worse than cooking is cleaning up afterwards.

She's makes a mean 3-layer cake and scrumptious brownies.
I still make better cookies!

The little girls have alternated the last few days between ballerinas and Indians.

Kaitlyn loves to be the big sister.  She's 8 going on 25.  
She loves pierced ears, Ramen noodle soup, and bossing.  
She also loves to read:
Junie B. Jones
American Girl series
The Littles

Emily has not puked, thrown-up, regurgitated, vomited, or any other form of emesis
in almost 2 1/2 years!

Her favorite Christmas gift was Mickey and Minnie Mouse duplos.
The Minnie Mouse slippers are a close second.

So we wait.

Hopefully our travel approval will come tomorrow.

Or the next day.


Well, you know.

We were talking tonight about expectations once Alex comes home.  How he may hit or spit or act out in some way to get his way.  What to expect when we meet him...anything from screaming to crying to being happy to meet us, All sorts of cheery subjects like that.  Kenton had left to check things out at the farm when Davis snuggled into my lap and started to sob.  

I was horrified.  I figured I should have been a lot more gentle in expressing what might happen.

Nope.  He was crying because it "feels like forever until we get to go get Alex."  

I get it, buddy!  I've shed a few tears of my own today for the same reason.


  1. Looks like fun family time, I bet your new Alex will fit in perfectly. Praying for that darn TA.

    1. Thanks, Amy! You know all about it! :)

  2. Cannot wait to hear the good news! I love reading these blog posts, Holly!

  3. That means a lot coming from a professional writer! I guess my grammatical mistakes don't bother you too much. :P I love seeing a bit of a window into your lives from pictures on facebook. :)