Sunday, February 21, 2016


The neighbors have lambs.

Everyone enjoyed them and tried to persuade dad that our farm needs some.

I'm afraid that my pet Q-tip permanently spoiled owning a lamb for Kenton.

However, you know the old adage - if at first you don't succeed...

Kids in the van.

This is an old mill between the farms.

As long as I don't have to touch them, chickens are so much fun.
(Especially when they roost on my husband's skid loader at night.)

Graffiti - generally best done with something other than your own name.

Oakview Ridge Farm parlor

Sebastian during milking.

Hello, ladies!

Milk house with milk tank

More barns and silos

Emily dressed up for Chinese New Year.

We've been expecting TA since early January. We've had rough days and good days
and put our lives on hold as we waited to hear that we are cleared to travel.

Yesterday was not a good day.
Despair hit the fan and it wasn't pretty.

We need to quit waiting and planning and just focus on living. 

So our family of seven - five wonderful kids - went to a museum.

It was good to get away for the day and just enjoy what we have.  


  1. Aww. I understand that frustration. It is always good to get distracted and enjoy what you have. Love, love the farm pictures. And, I did notice that you'll be needing a larger vehicle...your seats are maxed.

  2. You noticed that, eh? I think for a bit we'll be taking two vehicles when we all go until the van dies. Or maybe we won't. Who knows? :)