Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trending at our House

Davis has the farming equipment and the train set up in their room

Going into the boys' room after dark is quite the obstacle course.
Steel-toed boots are recommended.

I'm specializing in surgery today.
I reattached one leg to a bear,
I sewed up a neck wound on a cow,
And I reattached a foot to a leg.

All my patients lived to be loved and hugged for awhile longer. 

The little girls are ready for Disney when we finally leave for China.
(The grandparents are taking the girls to Disneyworld 
while the boys are going to China to help the transition with their brother.)

Megan was a bit alarmed when she saw me making these and informed me that
I wish I had it on tape that she once requested 
matching mother-daughter dresses.

Imagine the horror!  

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