Monday, June 14, 2010

Bender Camp

It was a busy weekend. Along with camping, we also had our choice of a wedding, three graduation parties, and Bender Camp. We had already committed to camping by the time the other things came along, but we did attend Bender camp on Sunday. The Bender's are terrific. Sometimes I think I half fell in love with Kenton's extended family as much as I did with him. What a great bunch!
That being said, I DETEST the color ORANGE! To alleviate the problem of figuring out where everyone belongs the families were color coded in t-shirts. I'll admit with 11 siblings there are a limited amount of colors to work with, but there have to be multiple shades of pretty colors. Guess who got stuck with orange? Let me just say, the person responsible better hope I never find out because I bear an eternal grudge for getting stuck with SIX ORANGE T-SHIRTS.
Megan has already claimed mine as a nightshirt. That ought to give her nightmares. As for the rest, at least I won't need to buy blaze orange hunting gear until they outgrow these.
Do you think they look more like DOT workers or escaped convicts?

Judging from this photo, they'll be easily spotted in a crowd. Do you think this was a subtle(HA!) attempt to tell us we're not welcome?
Kenton just walked in. He's finished with soybeans. Woohoo! Well, finished planting soybeans anyways.


  1. No, no, no! You are definitely welcome! I'm sorry you don't like your color, but I did think it was a great idea to do this. The Benders are one of a kind family, aren't they? I have been blessed tremendously with the family & heritage I have. Sooo glad you are a part of it too. Thank you Kenton!!

  2. I just had to leave a comment on your post of your kids "climbing the doorways". We used to do the same thing! Although, you might tell them that an easier way to do this neat little trick is to climb up sideways; with your back to one side and your feet on the other. Obviously bare feet work best. If you have narrow doorways you can get really high!!

    Don't mean to encourage household gymnastics - believe me that can get wearisome. :) Just had to comment........remdinds me of what we used to do. :)

    Rachel K.