Monday, June 14, 2010


We went camping( First time ever as a family. Woohoo!) this past weekend thanks to planning by Nick and Wendy. There were a bunch of us with an even bigger bunch of kids. : ) On Saturday Wendy planned a mini-triathlon for the kids: biking, running, and swimming. Here's Kaitlyn and her friend Adelyn.
Davis really wanted to give the axe a try.
The kids spent a lot of time waving sticks around, biking, and throwing the football.
I don't have a lot of pictures to choose from because most of the shots I took turned out like this one. Eric and Kendra brought them each a popsicle.

Aside from the rain which drenched sleeping bags, clothing, and tent. This is how we all felt about the weekend. Farm update: Kenton is hopefully planting the last of the soybeans as I write. He has about 50 acres of corn to get out yet as well. The weather has not been terribly cooperative. Lots of scattered rain showers. Saturday he probably could have been planting but he was a good sport...maybe because Nick volunteered to let the air out of his tractor tires so he wouldn't be tempted? :P

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  1. Camping as a family, especially when sharing it with friends, is a treasured memory we won't forget. Kenny, Evie, & family are awesome campers! Glad you had a good time.