Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up

Doing the hokey-pokey?
Pretty cute, aren't they?

Jamison is my current favorite child. Today I was in a rush with soaked hair so I rapidly whipped it into the style I wore in high school and exited the house.
Megan: Mom, I love your hair. It looks soooo pretty.
Now, no offense to my seven-year-old, but her fashion sense in clothes and hair is not typically the same as mine. Scary!
Jamison: Yeah, it makes her look young.
Hmmm, I have a feeling this young is more juvenile, than flatteringly youthful. Picture some old lummox frisking through the pasture. Great!
Megan(indignantly): She's NOT young! She forty.
Me: Thanks, Meg, for the reminder. That early onset senility made me forget for a few minutes.
Jamison: Well, it looks pretty anyway.

Today was our last day of soccer for the year. Woohoo! While I'm glad the kids have such a terrific organization and have an opportunity to play, I've had enough running around the for theyear. Megan plays so hard her face is usually red and her hair soaked when she's done.
Jamison plays hard, too. He had another great coach this year.

This is Sam, one of my favorite soccer buddies. As consolation for not letting him play with my camera I took his picture.
This is why we don't let Kenton take the pictures in our family.....but the clematis is lovely, isn't it? I can promise you, at this point he would defend himself by saying I wanted the clematis in the picture. I a backdrop, not instead of my daughter's face.
Milk dud report: Make hay while the sun shines. The sun has been shining. We unloaded 5 or 6 loads of hay this morning(from Saturday) before they baled another 1500 bales. Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow?
Megan almost had a heart attack when she spotted a snake at the top of one load. Then, Davis saw it and bailed out of the wagon. I don't do snakes either, so Carl and Domingo got to empty that load on their own. Carl got a good laugh out of it to make up for the extra work. I bet he's still chuckling. Hopefully, we've had our scare for the year, and will now be snake free from here on out. Ugh!

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  1. What a beautiful clematis! And, now I know what you looked like in high school.