Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fallingwater-Frank Lloyd Wright

I always feel honored to have family and friends stop by...even though sometimes it's also totally embarrassing since chaos reigns supreme. All of my family are far away and many friends as well. We're even kind of out of the main traffic pattern for our locality so drop-ins are infrequent.
My Uncle Jack and Aunt Helen and her sister Philippa and husband Brian(from Australia) were passing through and stopped for the day. We went to Fallingwater the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house built over a waterfall. It's about 40 minutes from here.
This is the view from downstream. The water is very low right now. One of Wright's details - an outside handwashing station. Doesn't every mother need one of these? Of course, right after you get your kids all dressed to leave SOMEONE would decide to help by washing up again or wrestling brothers would try to push each other in or....I'm sure you can imagine. :)
This is an outside view of the living room windows. My mom would have MAJOR objections. When you are inside, those concrete railings prevent you from seeing anything but treetops and sky. If I remember the story correctly, when our house was being built, mom came in to find that the living room picture window had been framed in 8 or so inches too high. She was NOT happy. She is grateful to the man who started ripping it out over my dad's objections. It was a good call. When seated in the living room you would not have been able see out to the lakeshore. Falling water was a very interesting place to visit but completely unfriendly to children.
Another downstream shot.
I failed to get a picture of my uncle and aunt and our Aussie visitors but we really enjoyed their visit. Who's next? Kenton can always use an excuse to relax. :D

Milk dud report: Currently combining soybeans. Yesterday while our visitors were here the combine got damaged, a difficult calving meant a vet visit, a crabby landowner got all huffy with me, one load of soybeans was combined pretty wet and needs to be dried out. Most of the soybeans we did yesterday were testing about 11% moisture. They're calling for rain and so we're also trying to get as much cover crop planted as possible before October 1.
Kenton plans to attend the World Holstein Expo in Madison, Wisconsin next week. He's been talking about going since before we were married and this is finally his year. Hmm....don't you think that means I should get a trip to ....well, maybe Paducah, KY? After all, it's a lot closer than Madison. :)

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