Monday, September 6, 2010

Odds and Ends

Davis put a live wiggling worm in my hair....not that I would have preferred a dried up dead one.

I know that boys will be boys, but mine have started wrestling. Constantly. Upstairs, downstairs, outside, inside, morning, noon, and night. I'm ready to wring some necks.

Kaitlyn loves shoes. She'll wear anyone's. Don't leave your shoes unprotected around our house or she'll walk off in them. Having hidden your shoes, she'll go off to find another unguarded pair. Shoe hunt is a regular game (If you like the stress of hunting for them when it's time to leave.) around our house.

Megan is our Tigger. She is on the move constantly. Inside she's upside down or running or bouncing. Outside she's on the trampoline, skipping, running, or playing with Kaitlyn. She loves to dance, too. At the state fair the family across from us had music blasting 24/7. Megan wanted to bebop constantly. It was difficult to know how to handle. No one was really paying attention to her, but the music wasn't exactly nice, and although I think she was just enjoying the movement, I felt very self-conscious that my daughter was dancing all over the place. I really need to find some way for her to express herself in movement. Any suggestions?

We've been on the go constantly lately. Last night Kutlass performed at our church. It has been Kenton's dream to attend a concert with his kids. Last night we took Jamison and Megan. Jamison loved it, Megan liked it, and Kenton really enjoyed it and I'm turning into an old curmudgeon.

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