Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maryland State Fair

Kenton took two cows to the state fair this past weekend. Doesn't it look like fun to be a farm kid and hold a tail while dad clips?
Our kids also spent a lot of time hanging out in the barn. When we weren't taking yet another trip to the bathrooms, here's one of the things they did.
The University of Maryland had an area set up for kids. Ours liked the hatching chicks, piglets, and playing in the soybean box.
They also liked riding the pedal tractors set up outside the tractor display.
"Aargh, me hearties! It's also fun to play on the display pirate ship."
To reward them for sitting through two cow shows and sleeping three to a bed in the hotel, their dad spoiled them with some very expensive rides. I don't have any pictures of Megan riding anything because the girl is fearless. There wasn't TIME to capture her on kodak. The higher, scarier the ride, the better.
Kaitlyn is pretty self-confidant. I asked her if she wanted to ride the flying bananas. NO! She wanted to ride the teacups....and did, all by herself. She's looking down trying to figure out how to steer.
Teacups done, she demanded the flying bananas.
I wish I had the boys riding this dragon on tape. Davis whooped and hollered and grinned the whole time.
It was a sweltering 100 degrees when we got to the fair. You know it's hot when it feels cooler in the barns with all the fans running than it does outside.
Kaitlyn carried this baby around all weekend. After a quick trip to the home laundromat, it's already for more adventures.

The reason for it all....Selena and Claim. Selena stood fourth out of four. Not exactly a stellar standing, but it was a good class.
Claim stood ninth out of 12 or thirteen. We didn't expect to stand very high, but valued this for the educational experience. Kenton learned a lot and looks forward to doing it again. :D
Here's a pre-class picture. Notice the poop catcher and butt wiper standing at the ready? Kenton's clothes and other things suffered from a breakdown in his makeshift watering system. His makeshift clothesline didn't quite cut it either. His show clothes were still pretty soggy at this point.
Ahh, doesn't it just make you eager to run out and invest in a farm? Call me, maybe we could swing a deal. ;P

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  1. WOW!! Bekah was at the fair twice and goes tonight as well. Too bad she missed you! Next time,let us know if you come to the fair we can accommodate you (yes, all of you!) Great pictures!