Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Pictures

It is Murphy's Law that when you have family pictures taken something immediately puts them out of date, right? Well, unless you're the type of family that has this done regularly. I think the last time we had them taken was when Megan was a baby; she's now seven. Last year I ordered the pictures we had taken in Minnesota and one day later we had a China referral. Very frustrating! I should have had them taken and ordered three years earlier if that was all it took! ;P
Let's face it, as a mom it is no small feat to get everyone in clean, coordinating clothes-especially when you're on vacation!
It is especially fun to try and maintain all those lovely smiles when you're ready to reach out and touch one of your kids during those pre-picture hassles.
I know this picture is almost corny the kids are so smiley, but don't they look like such a happy little crew?
I really like this one, but I wish the kids' faces were centered and Megan's dress was cut off. However, it's a good pictures of all of them.
Kenton and I noticed that Kaitlyn has been looking at our family picture on the piano-and she's not in it. Thus, family pictures two years in a row. I don't know about Kenton's family, but that HAS to be a record for my family. :D
Now I just need to get them ordered.


  1. These are beautiful photos!! I love the way they turned out. Your whole family is beautiful!

  2. Great family pictures! Now how many pictures did it take to get everyone looking the same way, smiling, not hitting each other, not pushing, not picking their nose..... OH WAIT... that's MY family! :)

  3. All nice pictures! The first and the last are my two favorites :).

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  5. Wow! These ARE great photos, especially with all 4 kids and parents looking the same direction! I especially love seeing Jamison's hands in his pockets. Such a man!

  6. So precious....! Beautiful family!
    It's funny and true how pictures become "out of date" so quickly....
    Marla (RQ)