Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy's Dream Come True

The night before we left for Minnesota, our county had their Black and White show. I guess from the picture you can guess what's black and white.All three older kids showed. Kenton looks forward to the shows every year and is thrilled that the kids have started looking forward to it. I like to sit in the stands and catch up with whoever is available. This usually means I have no idea what class is showing, how anyone did, etc. I try to be more enthusiastic when my kids are involved. I figure I deserve a merit badge if they've had a picnic lunch to eat after the bovines have been washed, made sure everyone had show clothes (Washed and clean wins me extra merit!), and purchased milk shakes for the family from whoever's been conned into handling the food booth. I occasionally have gone way beyond the call of duty and led obstreperous and unappreciative bovines(who look, smell, and taste better as burger), performed washrack duty, and even deserve the whole eagle scout badge for cleaning manure beads out of cow tails. Those days are over! However, one job I have consistently refused to perform, without exception, is toilet paper duty on bovine bottoms. Ugh!

Here's Kenton in a dream come true with his three kids in the ring. Davis has no idea what he's doing, but walks along and thinks he's contributed. :PNotice that white pants are required for showing. Obviously that rule setter never did laundry.

We got a bit lucky. Our calves should really have been worked with more, but no one got taken for a ride. Those calves behaved beautifully.

Jamison's cow placed (third?). Last year his calf also placed. Megan took it very personally that "she" didn't place. It was a challenge helping her understand that it was about the cow, not her.
Davis was a riot. This was the March calf he helped lead last year. Kenton has been really excited about how she looks. He "helped" by carrying the halter end and being oblivious to what was going on, but flashing a beatific grin when "his" cow placed. The cow did very well and was shown in numerous classes. Every time the cow won, Davis would be off in la-la land until he was handed a prize. He would get this delighted grin, wiggle his eyebrows, and swagger off with no clue as to how HE had just accomplished this great achievement. It was truly a riot!
My great achievement is that all the show pants are washed and together for next year....although I don't really know what's become of their farm shirts....


  1. Hilarious! So glad "Davis" did so well. :) And white pants???? Have the rule makers ever been on a farm? Maybe as a chef's outfit for cooking the cow afterward.....

  2. It must have been awhile since I checked your post! I have so enjoyed it again. God blessed you with a gift of written expression! I'm glad you are using it Holly! Much as I understand what you say about the white pants - I always tho't they looked "spiffy"! :D