Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lots of Family

One highlight of being up north is there's lots of family around. My sister Kim and nephew Logan were able to spend a lot of time with us. Logan enjoyed watching the fish in the livebox as much as Kaitlyn did.The boy cousins are 9, 8, almost 6, and 5. They had a pretty good time together playing with legos. Tyler, Logan, Davis, and Jamison.
Jaycie is the oldest cousin. Megan loves her and Kaitlyn took a real shine to her, as well. She was a huge help taking care of Kaitlyn during my dad's retirement party. It freed me up so I could visit.
Wow! Here's a rare shot of my brother Jeff. He entrusted the new pontoon boat to the driving inexperience of Skipper Jamison.
There were lots of other family around, both local and those that made a special trip for my dad's retirement party. Family friends also made an effort to be there. It was really special to be able to catch up with so many people at one time and place.

We had dessert one night with Bill Helmuth's family. His dad, Perry, a true craftsman, did their kitchen. If I could have any cupboards I wanted, these are the ones I would pick, except I'd like a little more red in the stain.
This is one of mom's many landscaping projects. Obviously I did not inherit any of the landscaping gene from her.
Skipper Jamison at the helm.

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