Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home, Home on the Range

The Mesabi iron range that is! The kids and I drove for two days to arrive in northern Minnesota. Mom and Dad have a beautiful house on Crooked Lake. This side faces the lake. The brothers own an arm shaped piece of property. Mom and Dad have a house at the elbow. Here's the view from the house.

Here's the other side of the elbow.The kids and Kenton did some fishing with my dad. I have to admit my favorite way to fish is with a good book. I didn't have a book along, but I did take some pictures.
Kaitlyn liked to squeal about the fish in the livebox.

Davis pulled in one.
Megan pulled in another.
Ordinarily Megan's the least squeamish of my kids....but she wasn't wild about the idea of kissing him like grandpa offered.
Jamison actually did more than pull in something that someone else caught, but it took awhile. He was getting discouraged when he finally caught a few and then lost them. Here's his first fish.
A few seconds later, he caught #2. If you look closely, you'll see that it's NOT bait.
It was a beautiful, lovely, typical night in northern Minnesota.
The kids also spent a lot of time swimming. The older three loved running and jumping off the dock. The older two were confidant enough in their doggy paddle to go out to the raft.
The leech population was abnormally populous. I've never seen so many. Ever. Not a big deal but gross.
Kaitlyn played in the water and the sand. Her current favorite word is "wawer".


  1. How beautiful! And fun! No wonder you miss it so much (although I realize most of the year there's a lot more ice in the pictures). Tell your mom her home and flower beds are very pretty. (And, I do like your friend's built-in desk area--I'll be excited to see your new kitchen someday....)

  2. Glad to hear that you'll be excited to "see" it someday. That means you'll be visiting back our way, right?