Thursday, August 5, 2010

Iron Range Country

Open pit mines fill with water unless they're being pumped out. Here's the Hawkins Pit near my hometown.

Another pit near Hibbing.We took the kids to Ironworld.
Riding the tram
Big old dump trucks
Dad said my grandpa used to operate a Marion Shovel like this one.
Big kids in the Marion shovel give you some perspective how big this is.
Conveyor system
Minnesota has a lot of ethnic groups. The iron ranges are sometimes called the melting pot. Many immigrants came here early in the century to get jobs. One thing I miss about home is the celebration of ethnic heritage. I also miss Finn jokes.
Gotta love the Norwegian rosemaling and carving in this cabin.
Wouldn't this be the perfect fireplace for a gnome?
Mom loved this thing. She wants to try and make one. I don't want one. Ever. This is one piece of ethnic heritage I'll pass on, Finn or not.


  1. All these posts are making me very homesick! Looks like you had a great trip home. If we can get our act together, we're hoping to head up that way in the next month too.

  2. Holly, I did not know you were from this area!! I was born and raised in Silver Bay until we moved when I was 14. My Dad worked at Reserve Mining Co.(taconite plant). Now that is yrs back, I won't say how many. My Grandfather was from Norway and came here as a young man and my Grandmother was from Finland. Have heard MANY Finn and Norwegian jokes!
    I loved my childhood growing up on Lake Superior.

  3. Sooo glad you got to go home! Congrats to your dad on his retirement! Does that mean they may come visit you more often? =)