Saturday, August 28, 2010

School Started

Davis began kindergarten on Monday. He looks pretty happy about it, eh? Several of us were a little worried that our resident farmer-in-training might be pretty cranky about being held captive away from his chosen habitat. He actually asked to do two pages of math today. What do you think the chances are that this type of enthusiasm will continue?Jamison is in third grade this year.
Megan is in second grade.
Kaitlyn doesn't want to miss out on all the excitement....
Well, actually she's been the cause of lots of excitement this week. I don't know if we're seeing the beginnings of the terrible twos or if she's just reacting to a lack of attention because I've been canning and the big kids were doing school. So far she's colored in several school books, used scissors to destroy several new diapers, colored on several treasured, but unprotected art projects, hidden an uneaten, moldy hotdog in her little kitchen, dismantled several photo albums, used watercolors as finger paint on her clothing, attempted to help herself to cheese every time the kitchen was unoccupied, redressed herself every two hours leaving discarded clothing scattered all over the house, and unfolded an entire basket of freshly washed and folded clothing.
Last week her big project of note was dumping ALL the kids puzzles and games together in a big pile and leaving the empty boxes scattered all over. Words fail me....


  1. Just think how boring life would be without her!

  2. Hmmm... I'm guessing it's school. Jenna has scribbled my bible, our sheets, a book.... among other fun things since school started!!


  3. Are you 'Sonlight'ing it again this year?

  4. You're right.."words fail me"..I remember Benjamin getting into things like that when I was schooling the older 3...but, I think Caitlyn has him beat on the randomness of her selections! (per Abby!)