Sunday, November 14, 2010

In Need of Rain

We are hauling water from the pond for the cows so that we have enough in the house. We're seriously considering digging another well here. The water was running low at the home farm but when Kenton and his dad pulled the well it turned out to be a pretty quick fix. As usual I'm a little vague on the actual details. :P
Kenton's been hauling this 500 gallon tank down to the pond and pumping it full of water. If you find it alarming that the water in the tank looks a bit dark to be potable let me assure you that the cows find it delicious. Kaitlyn has recently discovered how to stack duplos. I guess it was either learn to stack and fit in or get left out a lot. Between legos and duplos this is not a safe house to walk in unshod. Ever stepped on one of those things in the dark with bare feet? If they were designed by a teenager to annoy his/her parents s/he deserved to be CEO. They're everywhere-all the time. They're insidious!
And they're so much fun! :D

1 comment:

  1. You'd think with all the snow you all got last winter that there would be plenty of water!!

    Step on Duplos?? Yes, a painful memory!!