Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's the First Day of Deer Season

and the "men" garbed themselves in blaze orange (Too bad our family reunion shirts are just t-shirts. They would have worked great.) and headed out to restock the freezer. By 9:00 a.m. the mighty hunters had returned victorious. Actually, my freezer is full of beef. I think Bambi is going to be canned. The first day of hunting season signals it's time for Christmas decorations. Jamison ditched us to be a hunter, but I still had three little elves.
This upside-down version of Ho Ho Ho was never more accurate. They only broke one thing in the process of spreading Christmas cheer from attic to dungeon.
Kaitlyn's favorite movie is the Christmas story. She spent a good part of the day cradling Baby Jesus (That is what you call it when you won't let anyone else near him, right?) and even held him throughout her two hour nap this afternoon.

Decorating the tree was the elves favorite part. While we have acquired a lot of ornaments it was unnecessary to put four on the same branch. Oh, well. To each their own when it comes to decorating, right?
This is my favorite ornament(It was made by a special friend of mine especially for me from a pinecone.) Kenton doesn't like it. His term for it is vulgar.
We brought these home from China. Can you have too much red at Christmas?
I do enjoy decorating for the season and the elves excitement was fun. However, I do NOT want to do it again tomorrow. :P

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