Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

This was Kaitlyn's first birthday with us. I don't know what she did last year, but her first birthday was in the hospital having heart surgery to close a valve.
Being the super-dooper party pooper mom that I am, I went waaaay outside my comfort zone and had a birthday party. Although, give the girl something with sugar and some presents and she's good to go.
We had five little munchkins come celebrate the joy(translation: come, play, and eat piggy cupcakes)
Later Grandpa and Grandma joined us for supper and Kaitlyn got another round of Happy Birthday.
Daddy got his own song, too, since his birthday was the next day. Notice that birthday pumpkin pie from his mom? I've heard several times, "Mom makes the best pumpkin pie! Her pumpkin pie is even better than cherry!" Normally his favorite is cherry.
Birthday are over for the year...but Christmas is coming. :P

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  1. Birthday parties, Family picture and Christmas letter already out?? Girl, you are GOOD!!!!! Hope to see you in January...<3