Thursday, November 11, 2010


The big news is that I actually washed the windows on the main floor. I hired a couple helpers who did walls and floors while I did windows. The full effect was only invisible for twelve hours or so but I'm really enjoying the view out the non-spotted windows. :DKenton found a deer caught in a fence on a farm we rent. It didn't look too badly injured but he wasn't all that happy about having four kids petting him.
I've been praying for precipitation....however, I kind of had the non-frozen variety in mind. Here's our first snow that stuck around past hitting the ground. Kenton's been bringing pond water for the cows here so I've had water recently in the house. He may need to start bringing water to the cows at the home farm, too. The water was just a trickle there tonight. Looks like a new well may be in our future here or there. Rain would be good...I'd even be pretty thankful for the frozen kind.
The kids have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather to play outside. They've had a good time in the tree house and making leaf piles to leave all over the yard.

Kenton and Carl did finish shelling corn yesterday. Hooray! Today Kenton was baling corn fodder as planned.

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  1. My friends couldn't believe that you all had snow already! I guess Wisp is busy making some of their own.Well try and get out there in January to experience a REAL Western Maryland snow again!