Monday, April 18, 2011

Appalachian Spring

Last Sunday we took the kids for a stroll, a little fishing, in short, a little springtime. I wish you could have seen this spot. It was so beautiful with water pouring out and moss everywhere. Unfortunately I was a wimp wearing tenner shoes and wasn't willing to risk wet feet for a better shot. :POur neighbor has a baby donkey. The kids enjoyed snooping around in someone else's barn, playing with his barn cats and admiring his BIG beef.
Another neighbor shared his pond. Davis wasn't as enthralled with fishing but loved the splash of throwing in big rocks.
Dad and Davis
The big kids baited their own hooks.
They also dug their own worms. Right in the yard.
Our remodeling project left its mark everywhere, even in the yard.

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  1. What sweet pictures. It all looks like so much fun. Where are you located? We are in Virginia, near Roanoke. The mountains look so familiar.