Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What is up with the nasty white stuff? Who wants to see this junk in April?!? I'm ready for spring. Yesterday it was in the 70s here and in Cumberland it was 85. Now, here we go again twelve hours later. Where do I direct a formal protest?

I'm crabby because I'm sick with laryngitis. Have you ever tried to homeschool without talking? You'd think my kids would be jumping for joy....but I made them double up on math and reading so we can double up on the science and social studies tomorrow... I'm planning to be better tomorrow. Much as I hate losing my voice, I'm really thankful to have it in my throat rather than in my sinuses. Horrible story, not going there, but really thankful that the evil now hits my throat rather than my nose.

I'm also sick because Kenton's oldest kid(not personally claiming anything right at the moment) has decided he likes to collect bugs. While I'm not wild about entomology, I drew the line over the live cockroach he decided was his new pet. He threw a fit when it collided with the bottom of my shoe. I threw a fit over his fit.

We're all enjoying the new kitchen. Here's something I haven't seen before. My kids choosing to play on the kitchen floor. In March. Don't look for Fancy Nancy books at the local library. We have all of them. :P
Here's the eating area...when it's all cleaned up...with birthday tulips.

We need the crown molding and a few touch up areas on drywall.

I love blue and white dishes. I've waited a long time to show off my collection. :)

I'm also a sucker for old bowls and red wing pottery. The lower right bowl was my grandma's butter bowl. The yellow and brown one in the back was what kicked off my collecting mania back when I was working my first job.

We're really pleased with how it's all turning out.

Okay, I love it. :D



  1. I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hopefully by tomorrow you'll have your voice back! Your kitchen looks so cheerful! Did you put heat in the floor? I always thought that would be a nice feature to have, given my cold feet. =)

  2. I know..we had slush balls on Sunday, 80 on Monday, and 40 degrees today...We neeeeeed real spring..

    I remember trying to teach my homechool chorus class while I had laryngitis..did not work! Hope you get better soon!

    Kitchen is AMAZING!!! Do you have 2 cabinets that are glass front (the blue things AND the bowls,etc?).

  3. Kitchen looks great! And I love the blue dishes. If you find a way to formally complain about the weather, put in a good word for OH too, please.

  4. Beautiful! Glad you're liking it! Love the bowls and what a cute teapot you have....;)

  5. Yep, I have two glass cabinets in my kitchen. One in the corner and one above my pantry. :P I love pretty dishes. Can you tell?
    Yes, Kendra, that teapot is great. Someone really special gave it to me. :D