Sunday, April 10, 2011

Odds and Ends

Q: Guess what happens when your husband's favorite movie is the Hoover Dam?
A: The kids dam up the culvert and everything from the ridge winds up in the front yard and basement.

Mom: What do you call a person who goes to space?
Davis: An avalanche.

Davis(sobbing): Jamison stepped on my foot.
Mom: Are you going to live?
Davis: I don't know.

We had overnight company the other night. I asked one of their three-year-olds what he has for breakfast.
A: Cake, cookies, and raisins.
I figured waffles with blueberry syrup was close enough.

Milk dud report: the farmer in the dell is planning lots of no-till for the year since gas prices are high. He hopes to get out and start spraying this week. Tomorrow he's planning to look at some milking options.

I need to head toward Baltimore sometime soon to apply for Kaitlyn's birth certificate.

The kids have five more weeks of school. They will probably survive the experience despite the frequent wrath of mom-in-stress.

Kenton's parents are home from Florida. As a welcome home we left lots of our stuff scattered all over their house(which is really scary because I TRIED to be meticulous about cleaning the place). We made sure that they're eager to head back to Florida next winter by letting all four kids swarm them during church.

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  1. BALTIMORE????? You WILL contact us and stay with s and see us, right? Even if it's on;y a daytrip. When are you thinking?

    yaaay school is almost done. Hang on dear..the first full year with 4 is the's get easier..I promise..well, maybe promise...:>D