Monday, October 17, 2011


Kaitlyn has been really into two things lately: Her dad and taking pictures. She asks almost every day if she can go to the farm with him.

Some days I know he'd prefer she stick to opening envelopes for him.

Kaitlyn's second passion is photography. I should just mention that she's really much more into button pushing than aim. I have many, many photos of my knees. One day she exclaimed with great surprise, "Hey, I got your head." Yeah, that was a first...and only. One day she took a picture of Kenton and I. It was from the back, waist down. Not pretty.

Although she did get this one of my dad. Of course, he helped her hit her target. I'm not that obliging.

This is my favorite Kaitlyn-work. It's a picture of me.

Sorry, folks, that's not a goof. It was actually a picture of me...possibly the best one ever taken. ;-P

Better stick to photography as a hobby, kid. I don't think you're destined for a career in photo journalism.

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