Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For Mom and Dad, Dad and Mom, and Dennis

So, what do you think of the green? 

Of course, red is always better ( ;-P  ), but the green looks nice. 

Kenton wanted you to see the tubing in the parlor floor.  

 See that hole in the back left hand corner?

That's where Kenton fell yesterday when he forgot about it.  He was sitting pretty gingerly last night.

This is one thing our kids do when they have free time during chores, go sailing on their private lake.

Whatever floats your boat, eh?


  1. I like the green! But not the hole Kenton fell in. ): But I do like your kids imagination. (:

  2. Hi I haven't read your blog ia a little your "PINK " news!!! She is a cutie. Congratulations!!!
    Kathie in NY

  3. Yes, the green looks great! The barn is sure going up fast!