Thursday, February 23, 2012

Curtains, Pouring Floors, and Other

 The barn curtains went up in two long days this week.

 Today they poured floors for the office, milk house, storage room, parlor, and hallway.  Nick and Brent were helping with the pour. 

Storage room

The curtains don't look all that fancy but they let in lots of natural light.  Yes, yes, Machelle, at least they let in light for now.  

In other news:  We have sticker pox around here.

Jamison tried hoisting his toolbox up to the "lunchroom" with bailer twine.  The twine broke.  So did the toolbox.  So he made another one out of a laundry detergent box.

Davis after making a baseball out of concrete.

Dirtpile fun

 Did I mention the weather has been great for construction?  Did I mention the same weather has been lousy for health?   Kaitlyn was running a pretty high temp last night and Davis was sick this afternoon.  Maybe I should have gotten a nursing degree instead of teaching. 

Domingo's hand is better and he's milking again.  Hallelujah!

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  1. I was hoping for gingham curtains....glad to see Jamison is a real farmer and so talented with baling twine...and remind me not to play baseball with Davis. Love to you! Sorry I haven't been able to call back yet....