Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scenic Vista Maple Syrup

 Kenton told me I should add to the blog.  This is not what he meant but he rarely reads this so he won't know the difference.;) winking      

Marla told me to come down and check out their maple syrup operation.  The kids loved collecting sap with the four-wheeler. 

Kaitlyn, Georgie, and Raven had a great time getting acquainted and climbing all over the wood. 

Marla stoked the fire regularly to keep the sap boiling and evaporate a lot of the water. 

Smaller quarters, less clothing, and a bar of soap would have made for a "sweet" sauna.

Marla's Aunt Darlene and Kenton's Great Aunt Dorothy were there to enjoy the company and bring back some memories. 

After boiling, run through screens to remove dirt and debris, bottle, and enjoy!

Enjoy?  Boy, did they!  Our kids are now firmly convinced that epicurean delights are hotdogs boiled in maple syrup, ice cream with maple syrup, and hot maple syrup to drink.  Are you seeing a pattern here?

New friendships are always a bonus, too!

Kenton was not overjoyed that they wanted to use his hoarded real maple syrup (as oppposed to that corn syrup they sell at Walmart) to boil up some hotdogs for lunch the next day.   :P tongue     


  1. Very fun! What is this "saw-nuh" you speak of?

  2. KENDRA! This is a G-rated blog. No cussing allowed!!!