Thursday, March 15, 2012


 We needed to go pick up our "new" bulk tank.  Kenton said to meet him at the farm so we could leave right away. 

This is what I found when I arrived.  

This is what we found when we arrived at the farm.  The tank was surrounded.

I figured this was going to be a long job.  But six farmers were innovative - although their methods probably wouldn't be OSHA approved -

Jack it up, put tire jacks underneath the corners

Push and steer

Put it up on skids and slide it onto the trailer with a skid loader.

Voila!  Our "new" 6000 lb. 4000 gallon tank was ready to go.


As requested by the Florida contingent.... Parlor updates. 

Parlor basement with glassboard up.  Looks a little different since you left, eh?

Starting to put up the ceiling in the parlor.

They started installing the parlor equipment.

The Zimmerman's were super about helping Kenton load the tank.  They also showed us around their new facility.  Kenton got some new ideas that he's hoping to implement. 

Here's one.  Check out the brilliant boot washer!

I think seeing someone else's completed facility helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel for this project.  Between adoption stuff, parlor stuff, the state Holstein meeting, Domingo's broken hand, etc. it has been a rough winter.  Yes, without doubt many blessings, but still difficult.


  1. I love how they call it a "parlor"! Haha! So glad that things are moving along for you. Looks good, for what I know, which is nothing.... (:
    Blessings and love ya!

  2. I want one of those! Boot washers, I mean, not bulk tanks.

  3. Sandy, to harken back to a really BAD pun...don't you think they should call it the "breast-room" instead? :P

    Kendra, mom says we need one of those outside our back porch. Are you sure you don't want a bulk tank...and the cows to fill it? Just think, you wouldn't need to BUY milk.

  4. Holly I LOVE the "breast-room"!!! At least then I would really understand what happens in that room. Haha!
    Love ya!