Friday, March 16, 2012

Something Old, Something New

 Mom and Dad are here.  Dad is tied up doing electrical...and being drafted for anything else like hanging ceiling anytime Kenton needs him. 

This means Mom has time for her personal project - turning my house into one fit to be on the cover of Better-Homes-And-Gardens.  Of course, unless these improvements come with a maid, gardener, and cook this won't be possible.  Lack of effort on Mom's part will never be the obstacle that prevents it. 

The girls will be needing more room once Emily joins them so we flip-flopped with them.  This is my old room.  Of course, realistically it didn't look like this very often. 

Mom assures me that "color is in."  I'm pretty happy with this blue for our "new" room. 

It was lavender when the girls had it.  Kenton was totally befuddled about why I wanted to paint it a different color.   Okay, he was puzzled why we can't just leave everything where it's at and add another bed to the existing room.   He hates painting, change, and abhors moving furniture or GASP! moving pictures on the walls! (Aside: apparently so does the board at Goodwill Mennonite Home.)  However, he took the high road, acknowledged it was a battle he wasn't going to win, figured it would keep us out of his hair (the REAL reason) and told us to paint away without bothering him. 

Eventually I'll have some pictures for the walls and doors on those upper cabinets.

And just to confirm that the circus lives on here...

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