Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's Up?

 Kaitlyn is really into puzzles right now. 

She also scored a new calf.  The big kids all have a cow (or two) in their names.  Kenton gave Kaitlyn one out of a "93 point Durham".  (I guess that means  it's good?)  She decided to name it Puzzle. 

Angie and Matt came through on the way to visit D.C. with their middle son Ben.  As you can see Angie is still drinking from the Fountain of Youth.  She and I were roommates.  Matt was our Help-in-time-of need. 

Ben was a really good sport. 

And FINALLY!  The moment you've been waiting for...parlor updates!

Kenton got the parlor floor poured, the block was laid...

Once the block was laid he needed to put fill in above it where the cows will stand.  He rented this really neat packer complete with remote control to settle all that fill before this area can be poured.

Sidenote:  The bigger they are, the more expensive their toys are.  

And now

to break my habit of being at least a week behind

As of today:

We have the beginnings of the actual parlor going into place.  

Fun in the trenches

Kids have fun too.  

The willow tree had to go.   Sigh.

Are my in-laws glad to be in Florida missing the hassle and mud?  Or are they ready to rush back to Maryland so they can defend their yard and offer advice?  :P tongue

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