Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For You Know Who

Yes, yes, here we are back at the farm again.  So sorry for those of you not remotely interested in barn construction. 

The overhead doors are in.  Kenton had one up today while they were pouring concrete.  Nick G. was here to help. 

You can see the overhead doors let in quite a bit of natural light.  Of course, so do unfinished walls.  That spot behind Kenton's head is where the bulk tank will go. 

Finishing the steps down to the parlor basement.  Should I be impressed or alarmed that he watched a youtube video to figure out how to do this?

 They also poured some footers.

My parents are coming in March.  Dad is doing the electric.  I'm sure I can find something for mom to clean that my Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval missed.  Domingo is not back yet.  Kenton and Brent are pretty worn out.  It will be eight weeks on Monday.  I think Kenton is going to encourage him to try it this weekend. 


  1. So who will be the window washer of the overhead doors? Or how many months before natural light is no longer coming through? :) It's looking really nice.

  2. Hey, Scrooge! How do you think I won my Good Housekeeping seal of approval...keeping the barn immaculate, of course! You know, Holly the Perfect Farmwife brings her dusting cloth and mop to the barn regularly.