Thursday, March 14, 2013

"THAT" Family

Drama , drama, drama!

We've morphed into THAT family.  

You know, the ones that start with a basic hangnail one day and several days later it has become infected, gangrene has set in, and the whole arm will need to be amputated.

Honestly!  Too many things have turned into a circus lately. 

Emily's EKG results were not what we hoped.  For you medical types, her QTC was 491.  It has to be 440 or less.  They are hoping the results are just high because she is sick.  We need to wait a week and do another EKG.  If her QTC is 440 or less she can begin taking the medication. 

IF we understood an article correctly, if CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome) is incorrectly diagnosed (as something other than intestinal issues) it is usually misdiagnosed as distal renal tubular acidosis.

Ironic, eh?


Not to be overly dramatic, but our trip to Florida followed our let's-just-amputate status.  

Kenton went swimming with our car keys in his pocket.  God "healed" our keys long enough to get our van back to grandma's but we had to have Jack overnight our extra keys from home because the van wouldn't leave the yard without them.  

Kenton got a call that his brother had been kidnapped and he needed to send money immediately or they were going to kill him.  Good news, his brother was and is fine.  

Emily wound up dehydrated in a Florida ER-by far our worst medical experience to date.  After sitting in ER for five hours with them doing NOTHING they decided they couldn't help her and needed to transport her to the Tampa children's hospital.  They refused to listen to us and tested her for strep?!?  Her throat was red.   Naturally, our experience of having been through nine previous episodes of vomiting AND phone numbers for specialists AND pleas to TRY putting an IV in her foot were ignored because "there is a lot of strep going around."  They finally put an IV in her foot and gave her a bolus.  

Emily got her bolus, we threw stuff in the mess-mobile, and headed for WVU peds.  To finish the story, Kenton picked us up Tuesday morning and we headed for Milwaukee.

One thing our kids were looking forward to about Florida is picking fruit and squeezing juice.  

The monopoly game couldn't be left behind.

Davis and Micah played their own game.

Emily's private beach at Grandma's.

Beaches, even small ones, are meant to be shared.

Davis and Jamison had fun with excavation.

Grandma and Grandpa live in an exclusive neighborhood in Florida. 

Exclusive meaning that they're fortunate to have plenty of other snowbird friends and relatives living within a block or two.  The neighbors loaned a high chair, booster seat, air mattresses, toys, and bikes to ride which made our stay so much nicer.  Grandma and Grandpa added a bike with "steering wheels" to the neighborhood collection for Micah and Kaitlyn to share.  

The kids enjoyed riding in the driveway and on their quiet street.  

Grandma kept her cool and her reputation as the world's greatest hostess with three fabulous meals a day.  She somehow managed to feed the masses with a minimum of mess and fuss.
Check out that fabulous geranium!

The Ganson crew joined us on Monday.  It was so much fun to have them see Emily least for a few days.  Emily and Abby WILL BE best friends someday.  Looks like they're off to a good start, eh?

Grandpa and Grandma

Naturally, the highlight of the trip was the beach.  :D
We went to Sanibel Island.


My family says the highlight was THE RODEO!  

But I wouldn't know, Emily and I were busy fighting with ER staff at that point.  

That's all, folks!

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  1. I'm exhausted reading your post! The beach looks warm. I'm glad you had a good time.