Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We Just left our meeting with Dr. Li.  It gave us a lot of hope.  Dr. Li identified Emily's problem as sato cyclic vomiting syndrome.  It is the most severe form.  Of the over one thousand kids he has seen with cyclic vomiting syndrome, He has seen 20 - 30 kids as sick as Emily.  One boy in particular was like Emily.  Dr. Li was able to keep him out of the hospital for four years at one point,sick but not hospitalized.  He has begun to treat Emily as he treated that boy.   One of the medications can cause arithmia  so they did an EKG before we left the hospital.  He does not think she has a kidney problem.

Dr. Onder  said it would be good if three or four doctors were all convinced that THEY  had the answer and were racing to to the finish line.   For now we are pretty relieved to have TWO doctors racing to win the I -told-you-so award.

More when we get home.


  1. I've been thinking and praying for you. Glad to hear an update.

  2. Have been checking constantly for updates. Am so thankful you've been given hope and have a plan. oxo

  3. Praise the Lord! Benjamin will be so happy about the doctor's confidence in his diagnosis.I think the doc is right on! We will continue to pray for guidance, healing, and of course strength for you guys!

    Love ya!
    Saralee and crew <3

  4. Getting an answer gives you hope, doesn't it? My prayer is that Emily will respond to the treatment and improve quickly. Is this something she will outgrow? And did she ever have this in China before you got her? Hope you all can relax and enjoy some wonderful family life. Blessings.......

  5. Thank you Father for prayers answered! Holly, I'm so happy for you all! May God continue to give you wisdom, peace, & much rest! Love you...

  6. Hi, I've been thinking about you so much and praying for you. So glad you may have finally gotten your answer. Lots of love, Christine PS - the kids are getting so big! They all look great!