Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heading to Florida and Other Things

We're heading for Florida TOMORROW!  I am so the same time as being NOT so ready.

An ice storm Tuesday along with a power outage put me behind schedule one day.  Today Emily had a doctor's appointment which ended with a three hour ER visit.  Her "sore arm" turned out to be broken up near the shoulder.  I don't want her to end up with a victim mentality but some days it does seem as if she was "born under an unlucky star" if you know what I mean.  She's young, she should heal quickly.  AS THE WORLD TURNS, out of ALL MY CHILDREN, she sure knows how to turn our lives into a soap opera.  Maybe that's just what happens to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

BUT while I was out with the three younger ones, Jamison and Megan took it upon themselves to straighten up the downstairs, clean the bedrooms, burn the trash, and clean the kitchen.  I've got some pretty great kids.

Since I can't sing California, Here We Come, I need a song for Florida.  On the way down we're stopping in North Carolina to meet my friend Sandy.  I'm so excited!  I've been hoping to get together for awhile.  In Florida, we'll sponge off my in-laws, enjoy hearing my f-i-l sing with a male chorus under (the famous) Lloyd Kaufman, head to Sanibel Island for a day, take in a rodeo, and enjoy life in the sun for a bit.  Ben and Janelle and their crew will be coming in on Tuesday just to add a little more stress and fun.  Eight kids under 12 and six adults should make for a fun time.  Carl and Martha may decide to be snowbirds for an extra month or two after we all leave.

If Emily gets sick...I am ready to throw in the towel on traveling with her or doing anything else.

Milwaukee called.  They have an opening for Emily on March 13 or not till the end of April.  I am totally torn.

If it's just RTA I hate to put her through unnecessary testing and stress.  Not to mention this is one or two days after we expect her to get sick again.  This means traveling with a puking, possibly dehydrated child for fifteen or more hours.

IF we decide to keep the March 13 appointment, I'd probably get home from Florida on Saturday and get on the train for Milwaukee on Sunday-hopefully hitting Milwaukee before it hits.  With Emily's track record the likelihood of this is about 0%.

If it's NOT just RTA, I hate to not be aggressively looking for answers.  Dr. Li plans to meet her, have a psychologist do an evaluation of US, and send us on our merry way.   So IF she winds up in the hospital there I guess it's possible that they could make some decisions about what to do and save us a turnaround trip back to Milwaukee.  

I'm a black and white sort of person.  I despise dithering.  I wouldn't mind a little visit from the Angel Gabriel, a talking donkey (although cows might be more appropriate), or a voice from Heaven  announcing WHAT is the best here.  Feel free to weigh in.

Eight hours ago I was planning to go to Milwaukee.  Now I'm not so sure.  Stay tuned for more of this particularly boring soap opera.



  1. Wow!! I'm exhausted reading your post! I hope you have a marvelous time in Florida! I wish ya'll could stop by and see me, too!

    FWIW, I did pray about your Milwaukee visit. I prayed that the Lord would give you one sooner instead of later. Now I'm not sure if I should have prayed that!

    Safe travels!!

  2. Milwaukee!! That is a nice early appointment, seeing as they are the NATIONAL site for CVS..yes??? Just weighing in again my dear. For now, enjoy Florida and soak up the sun, and let the Son shine down on you.

    <3 Hugs and as always..prayers,
    Saralee and crew

  3. Continuing to pray for wisdom. I'm weighing in late, but I know we were really thankful when things opened up that we could go to CClinic for a 2nd opinion when JH seemed at a loss as to what to do for Rich. Follow whatever God is telling you & Kenton to do. Love you guys! Stay safe as you travel from FL.