Saturday, February 9, 2013


 Since the sad day when my mom made me quit playing with next greatest hope for the future was that I would someday have girls of my own to take on the tradition.

Woohoo!  I have at least two that like dolls.  

One of my favorite gifts for them is adding to their doll clothes collection.
I can make them pretty inexpensively and they usually like what I make.

At Christmas this year I made time for the traditional gift.  I was kind of appalled when they didn't seem too impressed.  
So I've been pretty tickled to "catch" them busy with dolls now and then.

As for #3, the jury's still out.  Right at the moment she is far more excited about "Mimi" than anything else.

Well, there was one night recently when she decided the "crying baby" was a great one to play with at 1:30 a.m. 
She likes to stick her finger in the baby's mouth as it cries.
I guess that means there's still hope.  

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