Saturday, February 23, 2013

At Our House

Have you ever seen the show Hoarders?  I watched it during this last hospital visit.  While I'm not quite at the point of storing urine in bottles because our toilets don't work nor do we have rooms full of stuffed animals or home shopping network treasures, there were enough similarities that I made a resolution or two.

Yesterday, and, yes, it took ALL day, I excavated six feet of countertop that's been buried since we came home from China.  I wrote thank you notes.  Three of my children couldn't resist the urge to grow BEFORE the season changed so today I put all the flood pants away and went "shopping" in the upstairs mall and put the next size up in their drawers.  Of course, I didn't get Mt. Laundry-Everest done I'll have odds-n-ends showing up for awhile.  I went through six bags of hand-me-downs and restocked the upstairs mall.  Murphy's law has decreed that this means someone will...*bless me* (yes, it is a blessing, but just once I'd love to have a couple weeks without unsorted clothes sitting around) with more tomorrow.

We are two-thirds of the way through the school year.  We finished our homeschool review for the first half.

Megan went to a birthday party.  Guess what they did for fun?

This is what happens when ALL the heifers escape and play tag when your yard is wet.
Nice, eh?
It's the farm version of aerating your lawn.

This is what happens to the baby of the family.

Davis and Emily had fun playing with Handy Manny's motorcycle.

 My kids took control of the art section of their education and painted these bird houses.

I guess that tongue helps him focus?

Kaitlyn, Lydia, and dad enjoyed a new DVD.  Aunt Janelle sent the kids a care package that was a hit...once they figured out that it was for them.  :-P   Janelle assured me that this Praise Baby DVD will calm Abby when nothing else will.  She figured it would be a great alternative to the Wiggles.  She was right!  It took a bit but Emily loves it.

Our oldest daughter sans face paint.  :-)

We aren't sure what to do about Emily.

Nephrology: says it's RTA.  No need to pursue anything else.  BUT she's been on the medicine for two months with no change in frequency or duration.   They say to give them three more months.

GI: says they think there's more to it.  It's in her best interest to get her to Milwaukee where a team will evaluate her and begin working to isolate triggers for cyclic vomiting.

I hate to put Emily through a bunch of unnecessary stuff if nephrology is correct, but I'm not convinced they are.  Kenton is okay with moving forward but his personal choice would probably be to wait out the three months.  I took an informal poll of several nurses, Emily's last medical team, and another mom of a kid with cyclic vomiting, EVERY LAST ONE said GO TO MILWAUKEE.  When we finally hear from Milwaukee I think we will try to get there asap....of course, everything is subject to change.

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