Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep the faith and Milk the Cow

We celebrated Chinese New Year with some old and new friends.

Kenton sprained his knee sledding with the big kids when we came home.

The Bible talks about the elders anointing the sick.  The leadership team anointed Emily yesterday.  I know that sometimes God says yes, sometimes-not yet, and sometimes-no.   Does that sound like a cop-out?   As if we're giving an out to a powerless entity?  Or does it take more faith to say, "Your will be done and use it to bring glory to Your name"?  Does it show a lack of faith that this morning I realized that unless God healed we'll be holding the bucket a lot this week and started frantically cleaning and doing laundry?  Or is this just our version of "Keep the faith and milk the cow"?  No doubt  volumes have been written on this topic.  Right now I don't have a lot of time to analyze this.  If Emily is not healed then I don't want to leave my home in an uproar so I need to get busy.

So I will keep the faith and clean my house.

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