Friday, February 8, 2013

Gotcha Day

 I like tradition but I'm not great at setting traditions.  

Some of this is because I'm lazy; a lot of this is because I hate to set a precedent.
So we've gone to the children's museum and we've gone out for Chinese food and given a special book.  This was the year to decorate gingerbread houses.  It was a great activity for two reasons: I didn't get this much-loved activity done at Christmas and it involved everyone. :D
Gotcha Day for us is a day to celebrate family.

I've heard of families that don't recognize the day their adopted child joined their family because it's not "fair" to their biological children.  

Frankly I think that is complete and total hogwash. 
Life isn't fair.  Get over it!

It isn't "fair" that two of my little girls aren't able to be with their biological families.  It isn't fair that they had to leave everything familiar to come to a new home.  

So our little crew had a great time eating candy...decorating houses.

They were all quite dedicated to eating creating the perfect house.

Several days later, the denuded houses still languish on my counter.

I guess graham crackers sans candy are not that terrific.

In other news, Emily had more doctors' appointments yesterday.  Nephrology says it MIGHT still be the kidneys that are causing the problem.  She's had blood/urine labwork done twice in the last week.  They may be getting closer to discovering whether or not renal tubular acidosis is causing the problem.  "TAKE THE IRON," Dr. Grossman says.  But it is beginning to look like it is may NOT be the kidneys.  She suggests another MRI and another consult with neurology and agrees that a visit to Milwaukee is good.  The more eyes the better.
Dr. Riedel says, "DO NOT TAKE THE IRON. How soon can Milwaukee see you?"

Compromise: lots of red meat, multi-vitamin, no iron drops.  
Waiting to hear from Milwaukee.

It's been a rough week.  Lots of snow, lots of colds, three ear aches, much medicine.  
Also, lots of sleep, lots of mess, and now we're (mostly) better so guess what today will be all about?

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