Monday, March 18, 2013


 This is how Megan feels about math.

This is how our oldest kid feels about being photographed while reading.  
Too bad he doesn't feel this way about combining black jeans with a blue shirt.

Davis and Jamison often practice spelling words in shaving cream.  
Emily does not like to miss out.  

We brought back oranges from Florida.
They are difficult to peel but make wonderful juice.  

 Megan and Davis enjoyed it so much that they did most of the work 
                                      and clean up some of the clean up by themselves. 

If you're wondering WHAT those cats are doing in my house, you're not alone!
Megan loves those beasts.

Here's a few more Florida memories I want to keep.

The kids all enjoyed catching up with the grandparents.

You can take the boys off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the boys. 

This little jersey calf was SO cute.  
Holsteins are better...but jerseys are cuter.

Playing memory with Grandpa makes for a pretty sure win for Kaitlyn.  

Going to Pine Creek Chapel as a family.  
Later we got hear grandpa sing with a men's chorus under Lloyd Kaufman.  Kenton and I enjoyed it and the kids were good sports.  :-P

After the chorus, Kaitlyn disappeared to "find a friend" !  Since she's never been in Florida before I couldn't imagine who she was searching for.  The room was crowded and it scared me a bit how fast she wove through the crowd and disappeared.  Kenton went after her but before she came back a little Asian girl found us.  The little girl and her sister were from Kazakhstan.  They'd spotted each other during the singing and became friends through a smile, I guess.  It was special to see them connect.

More fun with cousins.

 Having fun "fishing"

I love the beach pictures.  I wish I could go back and relive that day again...

especially since the weather here stinks.

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  1. Sweet vacations. They never last long enough. And, I'm ready for spring, too.

    You have such cute kiddos. You make them sound so much fun! Adorable. Rotten.