Saturday, March 13, 2010

At a loss......

My house is a wreck. Mom told me that #4 will break you. That's definitely happening. Stop by to watch a woman slowly going insane. It's a good thing there's no alcohol in the house.

Kaitlyn got into my make up this week. While I was cleaning that up, she put her hand in the raspberry jam jar. While I was cleaning that up, she cleared off the coffee table for two swipes. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Since Kaitlyn is working on sending me to bedlam, Megan and Davis are working on the goldfish. Have you ever heard of fish walking? You catch the little buggers in a net and drag them around the tank until you're tired of it. That's why we avoid the exotic types and stick to the 29 cent ones.


  1. LOL. Josie has gotten into my make-up before, and managed to "doll-up" a few pair of shoes with it. I know I have a hard time keeping on top of my two and when my two stepkids are here, which is most of the time, it more than doubles.


  2. Ha! I'm glad my kids never drive me crazy.....I won't tell yours the fun of painting the wall with Vaseline or conditioning the upholstery with Desitin if you don't tell mine about the fish walking.

    And, hey, cut yourself some slack--you wouldn't expect to be fully functioning with a newborn in the house and bringing home a 2 year old is WAY harder than that--newborns are immobile, sleep 20 hours a day and their screaming isn't personal. :)