Monday, March 8, 2010

Holly's House of Horrors

A couple more days like this and I'll be ready to open Holly's House of Horrors....and charge admission. Chaos reigns. The panic that ensues when company is invited is a really good, albeit temporary, solution for the problem.
The other day I saw Davis sneaking upstairs with a paintbrush. "Megan has one," he claimed. "What are you doing?" I wondered. She was "spreading good smells in the bathroom." With what? She and Davis (her current partner in crime) had discovered the lemon furniture polish and were "painting" the walls of the bathtub with it. Nice. I think that was after they emptied a NEW bottle of green apple shampoo in the same attempt at scenting the bathroom.
In an attempt to ENJOY the 262 inches of snow(that's almost 22 feet) we've had this winter, Kenton took the older three kids downhill skiing recently. It was a howling success. Davis howled all morning and Megan did most of the morning. After lunch and warm up Kenton made them try again. The three kids took to it like ducks to water after that. What do you think of their Olympic form? Davis
Megan on the magic carpet

Kaitlyn has started "singing" her first American song Old MacDonald. She's really good at "E-Yi-O." She is also saying her first English phrase "I gotcha." Says a lot about our family life, eh?

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  1. I love your blog. :) I can't wait to come visit... we're aiming for April at some point!