Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kids and FAQs

The saga of the soap dispenser. I had a bathroom counter set that was a wedding gift from a friend. It lasted until my oldest child was eight. Pretty good considering it was glass and we were married for eight years before that. I will say several pieces had been glued once or twice, but, hey, it worked!
Enter the counter sitters! My two middle children who are too lazy to STAND while they brush their teeth. After the ivy set was smashed to smithereens, I bought this simple lavender set from Walmart. Now granted, I didn't spend much on it, BUT it lasted exactly 48 hours until Counter Sitter #1 knocked it off decorating the freshly cleaned floor and rugs with glass shards and liquid soap. Lovely! I went back to the plastic dispenser again.
Then, in moment of Walmart temptation, those lavender soap dispensers were in my view again. I bought another one, filled it, admired it for 24 hours, and Counter Sitter #2 repeated the initial scenario. I hardly dared say anything for 10 minutes.
In light of eternity I guess lavender soap dispensers are pretty insignificant, but I still threatened the life of any child over two who sits on the bathroom counter.

One day Megan and Davis announced that they weigh the same amount. I don't think so. One's 55 lbs and the other is 40. "Yes," they insisted, "we weighed ourselves on the scale and both times it said E-R-R. "
Now we know. : )

What are you calling your new daughter?
Her official name is Kaitlyn Ying. Her Chinese name was Ying Ying. We're working toward calling her Kaitlyn, but frequently use Yingying or Kaitlyn Ying or Kaitlyn. Feel free to use any of the three.
Does Kaitlyn speak Chinese?
Actually, we were told that she was speaking quite a bit of the local dialect. I love to hear her "babble" and wish I understood her.
Did she know any English?
Yes, bye-bye and mama(okay, that's the same in both languages : P) She's picked up a few words: daddy, nose, eyes, Megan, and the ever popular NO-NO and MINE. Do not be fooled. It is amazing what they understand whether it's comprehension, logic, or sign language. She's pretty good at letting us know what she wants.....or doesn't want. She loves Jamison, but I think his name is too difficult for her to say yet.
Are you homeschooling next year?
I've been asked this a lot! I can't imagine why. We're taking it year by year and we'll decide for sure once this year is over.
How is she doing?

God has graciously answered yes to many of our prayers. She's doing pretty well. She has been having 1-3 screaming tantrums for 20-30 minutes every day since we got her. I don't want to read into things, but it seemed like some little thing would set her off and she'd REALLY go off! Almost like, "Hey, this didn't go my way!....HEY! A LOT OF IMPORTANT THINGS HAVEN'T GONE MY WAY!" I'd just hold her and let her scream. But the last three days, she hasn't done any screaming. She wants to be held a lot and does some whimpering. Sometimes it means I don't get much done(at least right now I have a valid excuse), but I try to comply when I can. She's sleeping great, eating well, teasing, giggling, and making eye contact. I know that may not last, but we're enjoying it while it does. Kaitlyn's also not too certain about daddy. Sometimes she goes running when she hears the basement door open and she yells, "Daddy!" when he comes in, but she easily gets upset if their relationship isn't on HER terms.
How are the other kids doing?
Jamison does great with her and she loves him! Megan is loving her and learning rapidly how to stay in Kaitlyn's good graces. Davis is loving her but slow at connecting. They all appear to be doing well with the transition. They've had moments of being at each other's throats, but I think it has more to do with being snowbound for weeks than with a new sister. The other night I was
laying on the couch and Davis wanted to do patty-cake. I'm sure I did patty cake at least 20 times. Except for Megan, who did Say-say, oh playmate, Jamison, Davis, and Kaitlyn all did pattycake with me, over and over and over. I'm not sure the particular attraction of patty-cake, but it was an undoubted hit! Maybe they're all regressing?

Many of you have said that you've been praying for Kaitlyn and the rest of our family. We are so grateful. We've really felt your love and support and God's presence through this experience. I feel humbled by how many have cared and the way God has worked. Now, if I can just REMEMBER this when I'm in the pits of despair.