Sunday, March 21, 2010

Davis turns 5 and kid picture attempts

Davis turned five on Friday. He desperately wanted a tonka truck. We have a huge collection of vehicles. He did not need another truck. Look at that happy face...maybe he did need another truck.
The burger shop playdough set made for another happy face. Playdough is such an innocuous name for such a mess maker.
The disney princess gave Tonka Joe a ride in his new golden chariot.
Cake decorating is not my forte. Actually, it's not even cake. He wanted brownies, homemade fudge sauce, and ice cream. Can do!

These next two were an attempt to capture our four at their cutest. Notice Davis? I took a zillion pictures and all have one of these two expressions. Maybe when he's six?

Megan wanted to know why they always have to wear red for pictures. Anybody want to guess?

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