Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Down to the Dirt

Grandma gave Megan some fun and bought all the stuff for her to make fancy cupcakes. They were a big hit. Megan especially loved decorating them with oodles of red frosting and sprinkles. We are down to the dirt in our remodeling. We ran into some surprises...although that was expected. Some places we expected to be rotted out were not(i.e. the floor - other than in the places we had gone through - was solid).
The kitchen wall beside the rock wall is pretty punky. They expect that they will need to replace the entire wall. Ugh!
They're replaced the beams that were rotted out(several places) and are preparing to put in a layer of sand today...I'm not sure why....

All the foundation beams appear to have been set on top of rocks. The oldest part of the house has hand-hewn beams in the basement. It's kind of neat.

In other news, my mother-in-law has experienced her first loss due to squatters. Fortunately it was just a mattress protector. I melted it in the dryer. Megan threw up, slept soundly the rest of the night in her puke, and (Go figure!) needed her bedding washed in the morning. Nice, eh?


  1. Too many fancy colored cupcakes? Was the puke fancy colored too?

  2. Wow!!! What excitement at your shoud make it into one of those HomeMakeOver shows! How is homeschooling with all of this? I NEED to call you..but, where?