Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spreading the Gravel Base

The crazy Finn above is my dad (I think I own two pictures of him where he isn't wearing this particular expression) He and mom came out to help with our project. Dad's handling the electrical part of the project. Mom is cleaning everything in sight, being my personal advocate, and getting all sorts of odds and ends accomplished.

This is the brilliant method they came up with to move eighteen tons of gravel into our house.

It looks like a nightmare(and probably was) but they had it all in in less than three hours. Kenton recruited our friend Nick to help again. How long do you think he'll stay a friend at this rate?
The gravel has been compacted. Now they're working on laying plumbing. Plumbing screw-ups could be a nightmare since concrete is going over it all.
Meanwhile, back at the home place, the kids are enjoying TV, the runner sled on the driveway,
and entertaining friends at their grandma's. (Those jeans of Megan's have seen better days. I don't think we'll even save them for the barn. Anyone else HATE Walmart jeans for kids?)T
Ted, Sam, and Natalie came to play while their dad helped Kenton.
Next week should be busy. Ideally heat coils go in on Tuesday and concrete on Wednesday.

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  1. That looks like back breaking work!! Hope you dad has a good back still!