Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waiting for Concrete...

Waiting for concrete...All ready to go. The gravel's in, the insulation is laid, the radiant heat tubing(or whatever it's called is done, the plumbing (after a basement waterfall) is ready (we hope!), and the gas line is installed(after driving all over the county, waiting on the phone with Sears for 30 minutes, the lumber yard gave wrong advice - again! )
We only LOOK like we're from West Virginia. We're missing the fridge with grass growing over it and the trash flowing from the tipped over trash cans.
I will say that although ethnic jokes are not prevalent here West Virginia jokes abound.

Q: Where was the tooth brush invented?
A: West Virginia. Anywhere else and they would have called it a teeth brush.

Q:Did you hear that the West Virginia's governor's mansion burned down?
A: All that's left are the frame and the wheels.

Q: If West Virginians get a divorce are they still cousins?

Yeah, they resemble those remarks. :P

My darling daughters :D

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  1. Wow, such progress! Send your crew to my house next---Dad needs help!....and look how sweet those girls look! Hope you're surviving the mayhem!