Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I suppose at some point, probably many, I'll be subjected to someone's opinion of tacky wood-look linoleum. Actually, real wood would have been our choice and (Gulp!) it would have been cheaper. However, with four kids, a dairy farmer, salesmen, etc. it seemed wiser to go this route. Can you picture me chasing after those seed salesmen with a mop? (Yes, yes, I know most of you are thinking, "What happened to her broom?") I really don't want to be overly concerned with standing water on wood or laminate. Let's face it, if (when) my kids spill a bowl of cereal and it sits there for awhile(you know, like 'til Saturday) I don't want my floor ruined over my casual housekeeping style.

I've really missed my piano while the living room was being done. It was shrouded in plastic and I wasn't able to get at it. After dropping mom off at the airport, I came home, sweet-talked my husband into putting the pedals(you know, sustain, damper, and that other one whose purpose I never figured out - not to be confused with those old pump organs) back on and played (butchered - I haven't practiced in a month) Christmas music for an hour. Don't you wish you'd been here? It was more like Blue Christmas than Holly Jolly. :P
I have a bunch of errands for tomorrow but the rest of the week will probably be dedicated to the preservation of wood trim...otherwise known as staining and painting. :)


  1. I'm trying to understand the new layout. Is that the washing room door I see? Will the table nook be by the window where the sink used to be? Or is the sink not in yet?

  2. Shoot! Want to guess what happens to a comment if you move on without posting?

    Anyway, yep, the table will be where the sink used to be. Sink will face the stone wall. Stove will back up to the dining room. The door heads into the back porch/laundry room/canning shelves. Clear as mud?
    I can't wait to be back in...and for you to be where we are currently...not rushing God, mind you, just anticipating July. :D

  3. Wow! It's looking so wonderful!! I think I'm going to start calling you Holly Jolly now.

  4. No big deal, Kendra. I've heard MUCH worse. :P
    Maybe you should come see it in person. SOON! I do have a birthday coming up. You could help me celebrate.
    Actually, I could start of new trend of out-of-state friends coming to see me on my birthday. Last year my college roommate came from Minnesota. Wouldn't you like to be trend-setter number two? :D