Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The work continues

  • The drywall first coat of mud or whatever is done.
  • The wainscoting is on back order.
  • The trim is ordered.
  • Mom's sanding the basement door.
  • The radiant floor heat is finally on.

My parents are planning to leave on Sunday morning. Dad has an electrical code class he needs to be home for on Tuesday. It's kind of a bummer that after all their hard work they won't see much of the finished product until later.

Our milker is out with fluid on the elbow. Six weeks ago when he had the same thing he was out for a week. That's going to take a huge bite out of Kenton's availability.

I didn't want to be one of those people who demanded her own way about everything. Consequently I'm worried that this is going to end up looking like a huge hack job. The only thing I take sole personal responsibility for is the stove.

The sky is blue and so am I.


  1. At least the sky is a pretty shade of blue....it will be beautiful!!!!! Ever think that if you demanded your own way on everything, then you might be responsible for the hack job....?

  2. Well, yeah, that is probably 95% of why I did( I threw that in because I know that you probably think it was really my naturally sweet personality.)
    I really don't want a hack job period regardless of who is responsible. I'm thinking that Clampit kitchens with hope are maybe preferable to hack jobs that I get to live with forever?

    Ugh! Only maybe a month and I'll know for sure. Hack or otherwise.

  3. No story. It's just the one thing I just went on line, chose, and ordered. Although, I did get lots of opinions on whether to go the gas route or electric.
    After using Martha's "slow cooker" stovetop, I'm pretty excited about choosing gas. Of course, after I've singed my eyebrows once or twice with gas, maybe I'll change my mind. :P