Thursday, May 31, 2012


It looks like August is going to be our month!  : D   LOA is Letter of Acceptance.  China tells us that they think we are fit to parent a specific child.  Woohoo!  Thanks for all the support.  We now wait for final approval from the US to do the same thing, wait for documents to be moved to the right place, and off into the wild blue yonder we fly.  

It's going to be a real TRIP because these angelic beings are going with us. 

I won the what-are-we-doing-with-the-children battle last time.  

I lost this time.  Kenton insists that this will be wonderful for them.

The question now is how many straight jackets should we take with us?


  1. It will be so much fun! No one will want to sit with you. You will take up a whole table at dinner so you cannot make friends in your group. Sometimes you will need 2 taxis and hope you both get to the correct destination at the same time. The flight attendants will feel sorry for you and bring you Snickers and deli turkey sandwiches!

    But, that's just my own experience!

  2. Cheri, I suspect I'll be in touch for LOTS more details about how to make this happen with sanity intact. :D

  3. Haha!! We took our two with us last time and that was an adventure in itself, but 4????? WOW! But if anyone can do it you can. I have seen other families with 5 or 6 kids with them. And your husband is right, this is something your kids will always remember. Samie still talks about going back. Good luck!